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A Website for Anne Rice's Lives of the Mayfair Witches

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Highlights of Come Into My Parlor:
An exploration of literary, musical, artistic and dramatic influences in the Mayfair Witches books;
A "tour" of the Mayfair house at 1239 First Street, including photographs and blueprints;
Explorations of the supernatural worlds of Anne Rice, including witches, ghosts and vampires;
An exploration of Mayfair religion, myths and legends, including a page on Merrick Mayfair;
Overview of all of the legacy Mayfair Witches, with commentary on additional characters in the books;
A geography of all the places lived in or visited by the Mayfairs, including maps and links to informative pages;
An early script written by Anne Rice for the television movie "The Witching Hour" (used here with the good graces of Anne Rice herself);
A survey of the erotic and religious writing of Anne Rice, and much, much more.
There are many hidden gems in this website devoted to the Lives of the Mayfair Witches, just as there are many hidden gems in the books themselves.  See Why This Site? for more details.


References and Materials On This Site

Please see my bibliography for a list of references and photo credits on this site.  If I directly quote any the books, they will be referenced by initialed title and by page number as the books are obviously copyrighted.  The webmistress respects copyrights.  This is how the titles will appear in initials:

The Witching Hour: WH

Lasher: LR

Taltos: TL

Blackwood Farm: BF

Blood Canticle: BC

Please note that the editions I use are my own copies, and the varying editions are indicated in the bibliography.  The page numbers in my copies may or may not correspond with the page numbers in other editions. 

I do not mind anyone putting up links to my site via the Home page.  I don't mind people saving the pictures for their own enjoyment - that's why I have them up!  Also, I assume that anything on the Internet is generally in the public domain.  If I put something up, I have to assume that it will eventually appear somewhere else and accept that fact.  Nothing on this site is for profit, but for entertainment (see remarks below) and if someone wants to add a picture or one of the diagrams I made to their own site, that is alright with me.  However, do NOT direct link to any pictures or files on this site.  Inbound linking is fine as long as the link is to Come Into My Parlor...The Mayfair Witches.  Of course, I would appreciate a mention as to where you got anything you use that is from this site, but I will not demand their removal on the basis that they are mine as long as they are not altered in any way.  Thanks!

One last note about copyright: All of the content on this site that I have written, designed or created myself is copyrighted material and my intellectual property.  Anything on this site that is not my work is referenced, which is the purpose of the The Library page.  The webmistress has a severe case of animosity toward acts of plagiarism.  Plagiarism is taking someone else's written work, intellectual property, and presenting it as their own work when it is not.  That is not only morally reprehensible, it is illegal

I have not had this problem with this site, and I certainly hope not to.  My intent is not to scare anyone, but to make sure people are clear on how material on my site may be used on other sites.  I intend for this site to be a rich, enjoyable resource concerning all things Mayfair Witches.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Your questions and comments are always welcome!  If you have anything to add or would like to comment, please don't be shy...
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Your questions and comments are always welcome!  If you have anything to add or would like to comment, please don't be shy...Contact Me!
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